Constitution and Bylaws 2018.pdf



The name of this non-profit organization will be the “Professional Association of Aeronautical Center Employees.” The Organization will hereinafter, usually for convenience sake, be referred to as PAACE.


The Purpose of the PAACE will be to:

  1. promote the general welfare of the members by acting to achieve all stated Objectives.

  2. promote efficiency in the Governmental service.

  3. advance plans for improvement in Governmental operations through communication and negotiation with management at all levels of Government; and

  4. achieve the stated Objectives of the PAACE by any lawful means.

The Objectives of the PAACE will be to:

  1. provide an organization which is legally empowered to represent its membership in such matters as working conditions, formulation of personnel policy and practices and other actions which affect the employment of the members, and to negotiate with management, when and where necessary, binding agreements in accordance with applicable regulations and statutes.

  2. ensure that management provides a sound, well-defined and equitable Career Progression Plan.

  3. ensure that the FAA and management recognize the importance of the contribution of the employee to the overall mission of the FAA, and that the stature of the employee reflects the professional attributes of his/her duties in the mission of the FAA.

  4. ensure that management actively seeks to enhance the position of its employees by taking affirmative action to provide meaningful career progression throughout the individual’s career with the FAA.


Membership in the PAACE will be in accordance with the Bylaws and no application for membership will be denied because of race, color, religious belief, sex, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation. Honorary, non-participating membership in the PAACE may be accorded any individual by consent of the active membership in accordance with the Bylaws. No individual member of the PAACE may be nominated for, elected to, or hold any office in the PAACE unless that individual is a member in good standing as defined in the Bylaws.


The affairs and conduct of business of the PAACE will be administered by an elected Board in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws. The Board will conduct an Annual meeting of the PAACE as defined in the Bylaws for the express purpose of providing the active members with an accounting of the activities of the PAACE. The Board will be responsible for the financial activities of the PAACE, having the power to authorize collections and disbursements of money by the Treasurer in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws.


All agreements negotiated with management, affecting members of the PAACE, will be approved by a majority of the general membership present at a meeting having a quorum. All members of the PAACE will be bound by the provision of such agreements. Negotiation with management will be conducted in such a manner as to achieve the aims and objectives of the PAACE. Agreements with other organizations of similar purpose will be approved by a majority of the general membership present at a meeting having a quorum.


This Constitution of the Professional Association of Aeronautical Center Employees may be amended upon approval of a Proposal to Amend by a majority affirmative (for) vote by the members of the PAACE in accordance with the election and voting procedures provided in the Bylaws. The Bylaws, and any amendments thereto, will not in any way conflict with the Articles of this Constitution. Resolution of questions of conflict between the Constitution and Bylaws will be the responsibility of the Board.


The Officers of the PAACE will be a President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice-Presidents elected to represent employees of all Divisions and Organizations represented by the PAACE from which the membership is derived.


No individual member of the PAACE may be nominated for, elected to, or hold any office in the PAACE if said member is affiliated with the Communist or other totalitarian movement or persons identified with corrupt influences.


No officer of the PAACE will have any business or financial interest which conflicts with said officer’s duty to the PAACE and its members. Provisions will be made in the Bylaws for accounting and financial controls and regular financial reports or summaries are to be made available to members.