Constitution and Bylaws 2018.pdf




Section 1.   All employees of the bargaining units represented by the Professional Association of Aeronautical Center Employees (PAACE) will be eligible for active membership in the PAACE except as excluded in current FAA/PAACE Agreements.


Section 2.   Active members “in good standing” will be those members who have paid dues to, or who have authorized dues allotments to, the PAACE, and who meet the requirements of Article 1, Section 1, of these Bylaws. All active members will be eligible to vote on issues coming before the general membership, hold elective office, serve on the Board and otherwise participate fully in any or all activities of the PAACE.


Section 3.   Each active member will be assessed dues per the following Table to carry on the business of the PAACE. Collection of dues will be via an allotment deduction from the member’s regular paycheck at the prescribed rate per pay period (26 or rarely, 27 pay periods per year).


FG Grade

Pay Band





5, 6



7, 8






10, 11
















Section 4.   Active members will be permitted to resign from the PAACE by canceling their dues allotments. Such cancellation will not be effective until the first full pay period after the next March 1st.


Section 5.   Honorary membership in the PAACE will be limited to those persons, not otherwise qualified under the provisions of Section 2 of this Article, who desire to support the aims and Objectives of the PAACE. Honorary membership will also be tendered to those persons who, in the judgment of the Board, or by means of an appropriate resolution introduced and approved by vote of the general membership, have significantly contributed to the achievement of the aims and Objectives of the PAACE. Attendance and participation in discussions at meetings of the general membership is what Honorary members are permitted. Honorary members will not be eligible to vote, hold elective office, or otherwise participate in the activities of the PAACE.


Section 6.   Associate membership in the PAACE will be available to those persons, not otherwise qualified under the provisions of Section 1 of this Article, who desire to support the aims and Objectives of the PAACE. Associate members will not be eligible to vote, hold elective office or be represented by the PAACE. All applications for associate membership will be subject to approval by a vote of the Board.


Section 7.   Each associate member will be assessed $120 as dues per year payable to the Treasurer.




Section 1.   The Officers of the PAACE will be as provided in the Constitution. The Officers will perform the duties prescribed by the Bylaws and by Parliamentary Authority adopted by the PAACE.


Section 2.   No member will serve in more than one (1) elective office at a time.


Section 3.   In the event an elected office, other than that of President, is vacated by the holder during his/her term of office, the Board will appoint a successor. The appointee will serve until the next election, at which time the office will be filled by election, with the exception of President and Executive Vice-President. The Board will be empowered to make temporary appointments, in the event an officer is unable to fulfill his/her duties for a period of time in excess of two (2) months.


Section 4.   In the event the President is unable to fulfill his/her duties, the Executive Vice-President, with Board approval, will temporarily assume the duties and responsibilities of the President, not to exceed the current term or until the elected President resumes the duties, whichever occurs first. In the event the elected individual or successor vacates the office of President, the Executive Vice-President will immediately assume the office and duties of President for the remainder of the current term.


Section 5.   An elected official will be permitted to resign his/her office upon written notification to the Board. Elected officials of the PAACE will resign their offices immediately in the event they no longer meet the membership provisions of Article 1.


Section 6.   An officer of the PAACE will be required to attend all regular or called meetings of the general membership or Board. Absence from three (3) consecutive such meetings, except in the case of illness or other personal emergency or a conflict in meeting time and scheduled job duty hours, will be justification for removal from office. Removal from office will be the responsibility of the Board in the case of failure to attend meetings. Prior to any such action by the Board, the affected Officer will be allowed the opportunity to justify such absences or to resign his/her office. In cases of Recall by the Board, a “Report of Recall” will be provided to the membership at the next regular meeting.


Section 7.   The general membership of the PAACE, through an appropriate resolution, introduced and approved by secret ballot at a regular or called meeting, will have the authority to remove any officer of the PAACE for violation of the Constitution or Bylaws or for such other reasons deemed sufficient by the membership. Such action must be preceded by written notification to all members, at a regular or called meeting, at least 10 days in advance of the proposed action.


Section 8.   Any officer who uses leave or is serving on a full time basis for the purpose of doing authorized union business will be reimbursed for expenses equal to his/her current hourly rate in the Federal Service. Federal and State taxes will not be deducted from the reimbursement by the PAACE. The officer will be responsible for reporting the reimbursement on his/her personal tax forms.


Election of Officers


Section 1.   The Officers of the PAACE will be elected by secret ballot prior to the Annual Meeting. Officers will typically serve for two (2) years. Results of the election will be announced and posted at the Annual Meeting. Elections held in odd-numbered years will be President, Secretary, AMA-500, AMA-900, and AJI. Elections held in even-numbered years will be Executive Vice President, Treasurer, AMA-20, AMA-200, AMA-400, and AMA-800. Elected officers will normally take office June 1.


Section 2.   At the regular meeting held in February, a Nominating Committee will be appointed by the Board. It will be the duty of this committee to accept nominations of candidates for the offices to be filled. The Nominating Committee will report at the regular meeting in March. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the regular meeting in March. The Nominating Committee will ensure that all nominees are willing to accept office before their name is placed on the ballot.


Section 3.   An Election Committee composed of members not currently serving or nominated for an office to be filled will be appointed by the Board to print and count ballots, and certify the results of the election. This committee will be appointed at the regular meeting in March and will supervise the election to ensure that only members in good standing will vote. If only a single candidate is nominated for any position, that nominee will be named without an election for that position.


Section 4.   Campaign literature may be distributed by candidates, at their expense, to any and all members of the PAACE.




Section 1.   The PAACE will hold a regular meeting of the general membership on the third Thursday of February, March, July, and October.


Section 2.   A special meeting of the membership, in addition to or in place of the regular meeting, will be permitted. Such a meeting will be known as a “called meeting.” A called meeting will be required when the President, with the concurrence of a majority of the Board, deems such to be in the best interest of the PAACE or when a written request, signed by at least five percent (5%) of the membership, is submitted to the President. Such a meeting will be held at a time and place selected so that a majority of the membership has the opportunity to attend. A minimum of seven (7) days’ notice will be provided to the membership for a called meeting unless the Board determines an emergency exists. In such cases three (3) days’ notice will be sufficient. The purpose of the called meeting will be stated in the call.


Section 3.   The Annual Meeting will be for the purpose of receiving the reports of officers and committees, providing the membership with an accounting of the activities of the PAACE, and for any other business that may arise.


Section 4.   A quorum will be constituted by ten (10) active members. Except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws, approval of any proposal will require:


  1. A quorum and

  2. A majority vote of those active members present or voting. Voting may be web-based where these same rules apply.


Section 5.   All meetings will be conducted in accordance with the Parliamentary Authority adopted by the PAACE. Resolution of questions of a procedural nature will be accomplished by a Parliamentarian by reference to the Parliamentary Authority or by reference of Roberts Rules of Order.


Section 6.   A Parliamentarian may be appointed by the President. He/she will familiarize himself/herself with the Authority adopted by the PAACE and be prepared to resolve procedural questions by referencing the appropriate section in the Authority.



Board of Directors


Section 1.   The Officers of the PAACE will constitute the Board of Directors, commonly referred to as the Board.


Section 2.   The Board will have the responsibility for the general supervision of the affairs of the PAACE between its regular meetings, making recommendations to the PAACE, fixing the hour and place of meetings, and performing such other duties as are specified in the Bylaws. The Board will be subject to the orders of the PAACE and none of its acts will violate the provisions of the Constitution or the Bylaws. The Board’s actions will be consistent with The Purposes of the PAACE as declared in the Constitution.


Section 3.   Unless otherwise ordered by the Board, regular meetings of the Board will be held on the first Tuesday of February, March, July and October and in any case at least one (1) day prior to the date of the PAACE regular membership meeting. Special meetings of the Board may be called by a written request of three (3) members of the Board submitted to the Board. Board meetings will be open unless otherwise specified before the meeting. The Board may vote to close the meeting in executive session. Five (5) officers will be present to constitute a quorum at meetings of the Board. The President will be permitted to call meetings of the Board.


Section 4.   Decisions made by the Board will be binding on all members of the PAACE unless reversed by an appropriate resolution and majority vote at a regular or called meeting of the PAACE. Questions decided by the Board will be by majority vote only. Majority and minority reports by the Board will be permitted.


Section 5.   The Board will certify the Annual Report as to its completeness and accuracy.


Section 6.   An Advisor may be appointed by the President to provide advice and counsel to the Board, upon request. The Advisor will serve a term of one (1) year. The Advisor is not a member of the Board.


Parliamentary Authority


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised will govern the PAACE in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with the Bylaws and any special rules of order adopted by the PAACE.




Section 1.   The Committees established by Sections 2 and 3 of this Article will be known as the Standing Committees unless otherwise provided. The terms of office for members of Standing Committees will be as provided in that Section of this Article. Committees other than those established by this Article will be known as Special Committees whose membership will extend for the life of the committee unless otherwise specified. In no case will a Special Committee remain established for a period longer than two (2) years without review of whether there is a continuing need for such a committee, of its accomplishments, and possible assignment of new members. Special Committees will be established by action of the President or the Board. The membership of all committees, unless otherwise specified in the Bylaws, will be appointed by the Board. Committee members will be permitted to vacate their appointments by request. Those committee members who are absent from three (3) consecutive meetings of the committee, without extenuating circumstances, will be replaced by the Board.


Section 2.   A Safety Committee Chair will be appointed by the President. This committee will have the responsibility for all PAACE safety matters.


Section 3.   A Scholarship Committee Chair will be appointed by the Board consisting of the Chairperson and several members. There will be spring and fall scholarships awarded. The Chairperson will validate the applications and sanitize them before forwarding the applications to the committee members for evaluation.




Section 1.   Disbursal of funds to meet routine PAACE expenses will be the responsibility of the President and Treasurer. Any expenses in excess of $500 will be approved by a majority vote of the Board.


Section 2.   The Treasurer will establish a checking account at a local bank or credit union selected by the Board. A statement of the deposits, withdrawals, and balance on the account will be presented to the Board at their regular meetings and to the membership at their regular meetings.


Section 3.   It will be the responsibility of the Treasurer or President to determine the need for accounts or certificates that would earn additional income for the PAACE. If it is determined that such accounts or certificates would be in the best interest of the PAACE, the Treasurer or President will establish a savings account or certificate in the name of the PAACE at a local bank or credit union. The account will be established in such a manner that the signatures of both the President and the Treasurer will be required to withdraw funds. A statement of the deposits, withdrawals, and balance of said account will be presented to the Board at it’s regular meetings.


Section 4.  It will be the responsibility of the Treasurer to prepare and submit to the Board, for inclusion in the Annual Report, an Annual Financial Report, and an Annual Financial Statement. The Annual Financial Statement will include a complete record of all collections and disbursals of funds accomplished during the fiscal year. The report will be certified and approved by the Board, and submitted for approval of the general membership at the Annual Meeting.


Section 5.   An accountant will audit the accounts of the PAACE at the request of the Board. The audit will be reported to the Board.


Section 6.  The financial affairs of the PAACE will be conducted in such a manner as to prevent any budgetary deficit. At no time will the PAACE be committed by any Officer or Committee to a long-term indebtedness without the express approval of the membership. A notice of ten (10) days must be given to the membership of such proposed action. After such proposed action has been presented at a meeting containing a quorum, the membership present will vote via secret ballot. The proposal will be approved only by a three-fourth (3/4) majority of the membership present at the meeting.


Section 7.  The proposed Budget prepared by the Treasurer will be presented to the membership in the Annual Report for approval. The Budget will be approved as a separate item of the report by a majority of the members attending the Annual Meeting. The Budget will be detailed and outline each item as to specific cost and reason for its inclusion.




Section 1.   Representatives for all Divisions and Organizations represented by the PAACE to which employees are assigned, will be elected by the membership. These Representatives will be known as the Division/Organization Vice-Presidents and will serve on the Board. In addition, members from each Branch, Section or Subsection, depending on the number of members within those Organizational Divisions, will have a representative appointed by the Division/Organization Vice President to provide a point-of-contact with the PAACE for members.


Section 2.   Division/Organization Vice-Presidents will be empowered to deal with management in all matters regarding the welfare of members within their Division/Organization. In the event the problem warrants action at higher levels of management, the Division/Organization Vice-President will call upon the President or Executive Vice-President for assistance.


Section 3.   PAACE Representatives at the Branch, Section, or Subsection will be empowered to consult with management regarding complaints of members, and will review with the member the circumstances of the problem and assist him/her in resolving the problem on an informal basis. In the event this is not possible, the Representative will direct the member to the Division/Organization Vice-President for assistance.


Section 4.   PAACE Representatives will make every effort to safeguard member confidentiality concerning ongoing issues.


ARTICLE 10          
Amendment of Bylaws and Constitution


Section 1.   Changes to the Bylaws or Constitution may be approved by a majority vote of the Board, subject to ratification by the membership per Section 2 of this Article.


Section 2.   It will require a majority vote of members in attendance at a regular meeting of the PAACE to ratify amendments to the Bylaws or Constitution. Such ratification will be accomplished via an appropriate resolution approved by secret ballot. A quorum will be in attendance before ratification of amendments to the Bylaws or Constitution is permitted. The regular meeting must be announced at least 10 days in advance as a “Proposal to Ratify Amendments.”